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French Classes for teens

Instill a love of French and boost their grades

Our exclusive and up to date programme complements and supports students taking French at GCSE, A-level and IB at school or college. Our small classes sizes (max 8) put our teenage students at ease while they focus on honing their language skills. From extra speaking practice to demystifying grammar and working on exam techniques, we know what students need to gain confidence and get the best grade! 



Get a head start for GCSE. Common entrance preparation also available on demand.
For Years 7, 8, 9 (12 to 14 years old).


GCSE 1 (Y10)

Tried and tested group French GCSE preparation classes for the 1st Year of GCSE (usually 15 years old, generally Y10). All boards covered.


GCSE 2 (Y11)

Tried and tested group French GCSE preparation classes for the 2nd Year of GCSE (the year of the exam, Y11, usually 16 years old). All boards covered.


A Levels (Y12 & Y13)

 Newly revised French A Level and IB support classes which extend the opportunities to practice and revise. All boards covered. Y12 & Y13 classes.
Trustees' A Level Scholarship offered.
(Applications for 2022-2023 now closed)


Private Tuition

Whether you are looking for 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 tuition, we have competitively priced tutoring packages that offer your teen tailor-made support and practice.


Secondary Bilinguals

Secondary Bilingual French classes are meant for bilingual children before they start GCSE courses.
(12 to 14 years old.)



Thank you for all your support to Ellie in 2022. It has made a huge difference to her enthusiasm for, and confidence in, French. She achieved an 8 in her mock GCSE exam, up from a 5 in the Summer, and was delighted with this. 

Harriet Moynihan (March 2023)


I would change nothing, it is amazing :)

A student in our GCSE 2 class


I love the class so much. The teacher is always so clear. It's a varied range of activities. She's so friendly. Thank you for offering these lessons.

One of our GCSE students (Dec 2022)


Classes are engaging & useful & fun!

A-level (March 2022)


I like the small classes without too many people and good teachers; it feels very comfortable!

A student from GCSE 1 class (March 2022)


It is very organized and you always have a chance to speak.

Student in our GCSE 2 class (Dec 2021)


I like how the classes are a safe space to fail and make mistakes. To participate in an atmosphere with no judgment is incredibly valuable for my own productivity.

Student in our pre-GCSE class (Dec 2021)


I honestly don't know how I'd manage French A Level without classes at the Alliance Francaise. […] It really helped me prepare for my university interview for French!

Hope (January 2021)


I would like to say how very grateful we are to your organisation. Without your wonderful teachers, Clare’s life would be taking a very different road. It is so wonderful that she has found an area of study she enjoys so much and which is so enriching.

Helen, mother to A-level student Clare (April 2021)


I would [recommend you to a friend], the method of teaching is rigorous and effective. I love the staff and location!

A-level student (July 2021)


My daughter got a 9 in GCSE French… I wonder whether, like Asterix and friends, AF have a magic potion?! Thank you so much for all your support!

Gail (August 2019)


The teacher was terrific at helping our son with revision for his French GCSE - and he got an A* so clearly all well worth it.

Nick (October 2016)

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