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Our Mission

We are the Alliance Française d’Oxford, the charity whose mission is to promote French language and cultures.

We operate autonomously, are self-sufficient and have no political or religious affiliations.

Our mission

Offer French classes for all ages and abilities.
Promote French and Francophone culture.
Respect cultural diversity, share a passion for exchange and solidarity.

Our statement

We will continually train our teachers and improve our standards so you will get the most innovative teaching.
We will not charge above what permits us to operate.
We will treat our staff and interns legally and fairly.


By popular request, the French Fun Immersion Week is back!  Places (10 maximum) sell faster than fresh croissants, so don't delay! For 5-10 years old, 100% in French! 10% discount for siblings.  Full week bookings only.

French Fun Summer Camp


Did you know that as a student of an Alliance Française, you are a member of a large national and international network?

At the AF UK Meet and Speak
, you will get the opportunity to meet other AF students of similar levels from around the UK. Conversations will be in small groups, with suggested ice-breaker topics suited to each level.

The meeting is open to all UK AF students enrolled in classes from A1 level upwards.

Free - Open to all - Online (on Zoom)

 Registrations will close two hours before the event

Looking forward to seeing you all!


Meet and Speak - June


Thérèse Desqueyroux - François Mauriac (1989)

Pour éviter le scandale et protéger les intérêts de leur fille, Bernard Desqueyroux, que sa femme Thérèse a tenté d'empoisonner, dépose de telle sorte qu'elle bénéficie d'un non-lieu. Enfermée dans la chambre, Thérèse tombe dans une prostration si complète que son mari, effrayé, ne sait plus quelle décision prendre. Doit-il lui rendre sa liberté ? Dans ce livre envoûtant, François Mauriac a réussi un portrait de criminelle fascinant.

Niveau intermédiaire

Open to all

Autumn Book Club 4: Thérèse Desqueyroux


Le fils du pauvre - Mouloud Feraoun (1997)

Une enfance et une adolescence dans une famille Kabyle, pendant l'entre-deux-geurres. C'est, à peine transposée, la jeunesse même de Mouloud Feraoun que nous découvrons. Ce témoignage plein de vérité et d'une émotion qui se teinte volontiers d'humour est d'un admirable conteur, qu'on a pu comparer à Jack London et à Maxime Gorki.

Niveau intermédiaire

Open to all

Autumn Book Club 3: Le fils du pauvre


Coco Chanel : Un parfum de mystère - Isabelle Fiemeyer (2004)

Isabelle Fiemeyer, journaliste littéraire, restitue d'une écriture romanesque la vérité fragmentée d'une petite fille abandonnée devenue une figure majeure du vingtième siècle. Son livre s'appuie sur des archives et des témoignages inédits pour saisir derrière l'image publique une personnalité discrète et tourmentée.

Niveau intermédiaire

Open to all

Autumn Book Club 2: Coco Chanel : Un parfum de mystère


À rebours - Joris-Karl Huysmans (1884)

Le héros, Des Esseintes, a épuisé les plaisirs de la vie sociale. Il s’est retiré dans une villa aux environs de Paris avec quelques rares œuvres d’art minutieusement choisies, et tente de vivre, en ermite élitiste, une vie « à rebours » de la normalité. Refusant avec mépris tout ce qui présente un attrait pour le commun des mortels, il s’adonne à des activités paradoxales : voyage sans quitter la gare, cherche à se créer une cellule de moine luxueuse et raffinée, trouve son plaisir dans d’arides études ... Ce roman, sorte de manifeste de l’esprit « décadent » de la fin du siècle, est un livre déroutant mais fascinant et d’une grande érudition.

Niveau intermédiaire

Open to all

Autumn Book Club 1: À rebours


Graham Harding, Winner of the prestigious Prix de l'Organisation Internationale du Vin 2022 for  "Champagne in Britain, 1800-1914, How the British Transformed a French Luxury", will be hosting once again our exclusive Blind French Wine Tasting Challenge.  You will learn about 5 French wines (and one intruder!) in this interactive tasting.  In English and French.

Blind French Wine Tasting Challenge


Refresh your French! Let our experienced teacher guide you through a varied and enjoyable programme, including a bit of grammar and de-rustifying speaking exercises.

Bring your own lunch, refreshments provided.

Refresher Day - Intermediate French


Play with French poetry in this two-hour workshop, an accessible and creative way of improving your pronunciation and deepening your understanding of French structures. 
Enjoy reading poems by Rimbaud, Prévert and more, and create your own Apollinaire-style calligram.

Workshop Poésie Française



Did you know there are more than 830 Alliance in the world, sharing a common mission and a passion for teaching French?  

To mark our 140th Anniversary, we will be exhibiting photographs of the Alliances Françaises of the world in all their magnificent diversity.   There is no need to book, but please let us know if you would like to be sent a pdf version of the exhibition.  

Exposition Photo "Les Alliances du Monde"


Join us for a illustrated conference on the Paris of 1883, with its intellectual effervescence and technological advances which enables this great idea which was the Alliance Francaise network. This conference marks the 140th Anniversary of the Alliance network. With  Dr. Michael Drolet (Worcester) & Dr. Helen Craske (Merton)  
In French.
Refreshements will be served. 

Conférence "Le Paris de 1883"


My 17-year old daughter was so impressed with the 1:1 tuition she received while revising for her French DELF B1 exam.  Both the tutors made her feel comfortable and she enjoyed each session, coming home more confident each time.  After just 5 sessions she felt sure that she could pass (which she did!) and we are both very sure that it was your tuition which made the difference.  Thank you Alliance Francaise!  

Frances Adamson (May 2023)


Come and test your French level for free!
Visit our welcoming classrooms in the historic St. Margaret’s Institute, meet our friendly teachers, find the way to learn French that best suits you!
Register your attendance and benefit from French taster sessions for free!



Conversation Duos


BOOK DISCUSSION ‘The Disappearance of Josef Mengele’


Conversation with Eric Vuillard


Following last February's cancellation, we are happy to reschedule this event on Tuesday 2 May at 5pm.

This event is free and open to everyone and will be followed by a small drinks reception.
Please note that registration is required: 

Constance Debré was born in 1972. She is the author of 3 novels, including the highly acclaimed Play Boy (Stock, 2016), Love Me Tender (Flammarion, 2020, Prix Les Inrockuptibles), Nom (Flammarion, 2022), and 'Offenses' (Flammarion, 2023).. She will be in conversation with Ève Morisi.

Ève Morisi is Associate Professor of French at the University of Oxford and works on the intersections of poetics, politics and ethics in modern and contemporary literature.
This event is organised in collaboration with the Maison Française d'Oxford.

Conversation with Constance Debré


Get a head start in your French learning with this Beginner's French workshop & discover Bordeaux and its surroundings, which boasts vineyards, a rich history and oyster farms!  You will learn communication basics and even plan your own itinerary! Perfect for complete and false beginners who don't want to wait for September to start a French course! 

Bordeaux Beginner's Workshop


French as a language of expression in a post-colonial context.
Is French language today in the world of la “Francophonie” an instrument of Western imperialism or a vector for multilateral cooperation?
Should foreign French-speaking writers defend their choice?

Conversation in French followed by Q&A in English and French with Prof. Jane Hiddleston (Exeter College) and Dr. Khalid Lyamlahy (University of Chicago).

French Language in the Postcolonial World


Enjoy a unique insight into fashion, politics and power  in 19th Century Britain from the comfort of your sofa!

Join us on the date of Queen Victoria’s birth for a talk about how the most powerful woman of her time used her clothes to assert her authority. Through examining some of the Queen’s finest items of clothing as well as several royal portraits, we will gain an understanding of the power and significance of the royal wardrobe. 

Event organised by the network of the Alliances Françaises in the UK.

Our speaker:

A graduate of theatrical studies, Emmanuelle Polle started her career as a cultural journalist at France Culture. She has written several radio documentaries, including the series “Clothes of our lives”; she is also well-known for her research on the couturier Jean Patou. This talk about Queen Victoria was commissioned by the La Piscine museum in Roubaix, for an exhibition about British artist William Morris. Free - Open to all - In French (level Intermediate/B1 recommended)

La Reine Victoria, icône de mode ?


We are pleased to offer this new partnership with the Association Grenoble Oxford. This initiative of bilingual conversation duos will facilitate linguistic and cultural exchanges between the two cities.  

New! Bilingual Conversation Duos


Join Julie for a holiday programme packed with Easter-themed vocab, creative crafts, French songs and more!

Ideal for 4-8 years olds.

French Easter Fun


Thank you for all your support to Ellie in 2022. It has made a huge difference to her enthusiasm for, and confidence in, French. She achieved an 8 in her mock GCSE exam, up from a 5 in the Summer, and was delighted with this. 

Harriet Moynihan (March 2023)


I just wanted to let you know that I got an 8 in my French Mock GCSE!  which I am very happy with, and you have helped me so much this year with my French, so it is mostly owing to you! 

Ellie Moynihan (March 2023)


From the 40s to the present day, we will have a look at political songs that changed the French musical landscape.
An excellent opportunity to study French vocabulary and poetic style.
For intermediate levels.

Workshop: la chanson francophone engagée


Discover this fascinating art movement, bridging impressionism and modernism, and practice your French at the same time.
For intermediate and advanced levels.

French and Art Workshop: les Nabis


Online French conversation with other AF students from around the UK!

Did you know that as a student of an Alliance Française, you are a member of a large national and international network?

At the AF UK Meet and Speak
, you will get the opportunity to meet other AF students of similar levels from around the UK. Conversations will be in small groups, with suggested ice-breaker topics suited to each level.

The meeting is open to all UK AF students enrolled in classes from A1 level upwards.

Meet and Speak - Spring 2023


Join us for the AGM 2022 of the Association Alliance française d'Oxford. 
Accounts for 2022 and the Trustee’s Report will be presented. 
We will renew the trustee board and present the activities of the year 2022

 Free for all members* of the Alliance.
*If you are, or have been, registered in a class, course or have received private tuition with us in 2022-2023, you are a de facto member of the Assocation.

Wine and cheese will be served. 

Please let us know if you are coming by registration below.

Annual General Meeting - 2023


La vie clandestine - Monica Sabolo (2022)

La vie clandestine, c’est d’abord celle de Monica Sabolo, élevée dans un milieu bourgeois, à l’ombre d’un père aux activités occultes, disparu sans un mot d’explication. C’est aussi celle des membres du groupe terroriste d’extrême gauche Action directe, objets d’une enquête romanesque qui va conduire la narratrice à revisiter son propre passé.
Comment vivre en ayant commis ou subi l’irréparable ? Que sait-on de ceux que nous croyons connaître ? De l’Italie des Brigades rouges à la France des années 80, où les rêves d’insurrection ont fait place au fric et aux paillettes, La vie clandestine explore avec grâce l’infinie complexité des êtres, la question de la violence et la possibilité du pardon.

Niveau intermédiaire

Summer Book Club 4: La vie clandestine


L’enfant des lumières - Françoise Chandernagor (1995)

Françoise Chandernagor a situé l'action de son roman à la fin du siècle des Lumières, quand l'Ancien Régime vacille sur ses bases ; mais les questions qu'elle pose sont également celles d'aujourd'hui : pour affronter un monde de plus en plus dur, faut-il endurcir nos enfants ? Et jusqu'à quel point ?
Quelles valeurs transmettre encore, quand autour de nous la société se défait ?

Niveau intermédiaire

Summer Book Club 3: L’enfant des lumières


Germinie Lacerteux est un modèle de roman social inaugurant le roman naturaliste. Trop réaliste peut-être, impitoyable sur la bêtise, l'égoïsme et la cruauté des êtres entre eux, il ne fait pas de cadeau aux classes populaires ni à la société en général.
L'histoire est simple : une jeune fille de la campagne, après bien des difficultés, devient bonne à Paris chez une vieille demoiselle un peu aigrie mais bonne et tombe amoureuse d'un aigrefin qui la mènera à sa ruine.

Niveau intermédiaire

Summer Book Club 2: Germinie Lacerteux


Un océan, deux mers, trois continents - Wilfried N'Sondé (2018)

Il s'appelle Nsaku Ne Vunda, il est né vers 1583 sur les rives du fleuve Kongo. Orphelin élevé dans le respect des ancêtres et des traditions, éduqué par les missionnaires, baptisé Dom Antonio Manuel le jour de son ordination, le voici, au tout début du XVIIe siècle, chargé par le roi des Bakongos de devenir son ambassadeur auprès du pape. En faisant ses adieux à son Kongo natal, le jeune prêtre ignore que le long voyage censé le mener à Rome va passer par le Nouveau Monde, et que le bateau sur lequel il s'apprête à embarquer est chargé d'esclaves...
Roman d'aventures et récit de formation, Un océan, deux mers, trois continents plonge ce personnage méconnu de l'Histoire, véritable Candide africain armé d'une inépuisable compassion, dans une série de péripéties qui vont mettre à mal sa foi en Dieu et en l'homme. Tout d'ardeur poétique et de sincérité généreuse, Wilfried N'Sondé signe un ébouriffant plaidoyer pour la tolérance qui exalte les nécessaires vertus de l'égalité, de la fraternité et de l'espérance.

Niveau intermédiaire

Summer Book Club 1: Un océan, deux mers, trois continents


Join the Alliance team for a day out for visit in French of this enchanting French Renaissance-style Château built by Baron Ferdinand de Rotshchild in 1883.

Waddesdon Manor Visit


Prof. Catriona Seth (Marshal Foch Professor of French Literature, Oxford) and Fellow of All Souls College (Oxford) will be in conversation with Cameroonian writer Djaïdi Amadou Amal, winner of the 2020 Choix Goncourt UK. 

Djaïdi Amadou Amal est une écrivaine camerounaise, lauréate du Choix Goncourt du Royaume-Uni 2020 (et de nombreux autres Choix Goncourt) pour son livre Les Impatientes, paru en français aux éditions E. Collas, et aux éditions Harper Collins en traduction anglaise. Son dernier livre en français, Cœur de Sahel est également en lice pour le Prix du Lycée Charles-de-Gaulle. Djaïdi Amadou Amal vient de recevoir un doctorat honoris causa de la Sorbonne.  

Djaïdi Amadou Amal is a Cameroonian writer, winner of the 2020 Choix Goncourt UK (and many other Choix Goncourt) for her book “Les Impatientes”, published in French by E. Collas, and by Harper Collins in English translation. Her latest book in French, “Cœur de Sahel”, is also in the running for the Prix du Lycée Charles-de-Gaulle. Djaïdi Amadou Amal has just received an honorary doctorate from the Sorbonne. 

This event is organised in collaboration with Institut Français (London) and Maison Française d'Oxford
The event will be in French followed by Q&A.  


In Conversation with Djaïli Amadou Amal


Join us for la Chandeleur and Mardi Gras, traditional French Festivals involving a pancakes, music and crafts. 

Our lucky children will make their own crêpes and join in fun activities, including crêpe eating (of course!)

For children from 3 to 8 yo. 

£5 per child

Goûter du Mardi gras


I took a short course to prepare for an exam and the teaching was superb. Louise was really engaging and had a great way of explain things so they were easily understood and tailored to my needs. I learnt so much in a short space of time. I would certainly choose to learn with Alliance française d'Oxford in the future.

Adele J. (2023)


Consolidate your French with this themed workshop around "La Nouvelle Vague" of French Cinema. Expand your vocabulary and your analytical skills. For intermediate and advanced levels.  

Workshop cinéma: la nouvelle vague


I like how lessons can be online and can be adjusted according to my needs. 

A junior private student


I would change nothing, it is amazing :)

A student in our GCSE 2 class


The teachers are exceptionally good. 

A student in our Conversation Class


Friendliness, Professionalism, Variety.

Student in our conversation class (Dec 2022)


Excellent teacher. Really very good. Better than Ox university language Centre

A student in B2 (Dec 2022)


I like the friendly people, relaxed atmosphere, small classes.  I always look forward to coming even after a long day work

A student in our B2 class (Jan 2023)


I love the class so much. The teacher is always so clear. It's a varied range of activities. She's so friendly. Thank you for offering these lessons.

One of our GCSE students (Dec 2022)



Conversation with Constance Debré chaired by Ève Morisi

Constance Debré
 was born in 1972. She is the author of 3 novels, including the highly acclaimed Play Boy (Stock, 2016), Love Me Tender (Flammarion, 2020, Prix Les Inrockuptibles) and Nom (Flammarion, 2022). She will be in conversation with Ève Morisi.

Ève Morisi’s research seeks to interrogate the intersections of poetics, politics and ethics in French and Francophone literature. Part of it focuses on the representations of extreme violence and resistance in both prose and poetry from the 19th century to the present day. Hugo and Baudelaire have been of particular interest for the 19th century; Camus and Algerian Francophone writers for the 20th and 21st centuries.

This event is organised  as part of the Night of Ideas 2023, in collaboration with the Maison Française d'Oxford.

Conversation with Constance Debré - Cancelled


Notre-Dame du Nil (2014) - Scholastique Mukasonga

Il n’y a pas de meilleur lycée que le lycée Notre-Dame du Nil. Il n’y en a pas de plus haut non plus. 2 500 mètres annoncent fièrement les professeurs blancs. 2 493, corrige sœur Lydwine, la professeure de géographie. “On est si près du ciel”, murmure la mère supérieure en joignant les mains. Rwanda, début des années 1970. Au lycée Notre-Dame du Nil, près des sources du grand fleuve égyptien, de jeunes filles en fleurs se préparent à devenir de bonnes épouses, de bonnes mères, de bonnes chrétiennes. Mais sous le calme apparent couve la haine raciale. Un quota 'ethnique' limite à 10 % le nombre des élèves tutsi, les persécutions se multiplient et voici que s’approchent les nervis du pouvoir…

Rescapée du massacre des Tutsi, Scholastique Mukasonga nous offre une œuvre poignante, où des adolescentes aux mains nues tentent d’échapper à une Histoire monstrueuse.

Niveau intermédiaire



BOOK CLUB 3: Notre-Dame du Nil


Love Me Tender (2020) - Constance Debré

« Je ne vois pas pourquoi l’amour entre une mère et un fils ne serait pas exactement comme les autres amours. Pourquoi on ne pourrait pas cesser de s’aimer. Pourquoi on ne pourrait pas rompre. Je ne vois pas pourquoi on ne pourrait pas s’en foutre, une fois pour toutes, de l’amour. »

Constance Debré poursuit sa quête entamée avec Play Boy, celle du sens, de la vie juste, de la vie bonne. Après la question de l’identité se pose la question de l’autre et de l’amour sous toutes ses formes, de l’amour maternel aux variations amoureuses. Faut-il, pour être libre, accueillir tout ce qui nous arrive ? Faut-il tout embrasser, jusqu’à nos propres défaites ? Peut-on renverser le chagrin ?

Niveau intermédiaire


BOOK CLUB 2: Love Me Tender


La Promesse de l’Aube (1960) - Romain Gary

Le narrateur raconte son enfance en Russie, en Pologne puis à Nice, le luxe et la pauvreté qu'il a connus tour à tour, son dur apprentissage d'aviateur, ses aventures de guerre en France, en Angleterre, en Éthiopie, en Syrie, en Afrique Équatoriale, il nous raconte surtout le grand amour que fut sa vie. Cette «promesse de l'aube» que l'auteur a choisie pour titre est une promesse dans les deux sens du mot : promesse que fait la vie au narrateur à travers une mère passionnée ; promesse qu'il fait tacitement à cette mère d'accomplir tout ce qu'elle attend de lui dans l'ordre de l'héroïsme et de la réalisation de lui-même. C’est une ode à l’amour maternel, mais aussi une réflexion sur le destin que l’on choisit ou que l’on subit.

Niveau intermédiaire


BOOK CLUB 1: La Promesse de l’Aube


Expert tuition in small groups to help your teens gain confidence and reach their full potential with native teachers. Practice your verbs, work on your listening and writing skills. Ideal for Year 11 or students taking their French GCSEs in 2023.

GSCE Intensive Revision Session


Improve your French through la Bande-Dessinée, a typical Francophone Visual Art Form. You will pratice your reading & writing skills, and engage your creative brain. For intermediate students (B1-B2).

French through la Bande Dessinée


Join us on 21 February to enjoy a unique insight into French Renaissance architecture and the life of a household from the comfort of your sofa!

Located in the Loire Valley, 140 miles southwest of Paris, the Château d'Azay-le-Rideau is an icon of the new art of building and living in 16th-century France. Its architecture is a subtle blend of French traditions and decorations inspired by antique Rome and its successive owners have contributed to making it one of the most harmonious and refined architectural gems in the Val-de-Loire. Water mirrors, a grand staircase and rich collections of furniture and artworks make it an exceptional monument!

Led by a guide from the Château, this tour will take you through the various rooms of this emblematic monument of the French Renaissance. A captivating dive into history to learn about the lifestyle of its owners over the centuries.

Free - Open to all - In French (level Intermediate/B1 recommended) Event organised by the network of the Alliances Françaises in the UK.

The Château d’Azay-le-Rideau: Online Guided Tour


Part of our « French Influence” series

Talk by Bertrand Buchwalter, Conseiller culturel - French Embassy in the UK

Moderator : Sir Tim Hitchens, President of Wolfson College

In English and French

French Diplomacy for the 21st Century : la culture dans l’arsenal diplomatique français et la notion de diplomatie d’influence


Children will enjoy "Noël à la Francaise" in this popular workshop.  They will learn vocabulary, sing and work on seasonal crafts. The highlight is making your own truffles, and there's usually just enough for grown-ups too.  For children aged 5 to 11 years old.  

Noël pour les enfants Workshop


Beginners will be able to practice their pronunciation skills in this fun, interactive workshop. We have perfected our activities over the years and believe you will be amazed by the results. For beginners and lower intermediates.  

FUNETICS: Secrets of French Pronunciation for Beginners


The Inter-Alliances challenge is back !

The Inter-Alliances challenge is an online competition open to all Alliances Françaises’ students from all over the world!  The principle is simple: the students of the participating Alliances spar over questions about French culture, but also Francophone cultures: art, gastronomy, history, music, sport, etc.

This year, more than 40 countries are participating in the 2nd international edition!

Défi inter-Alliances


Maylis de Kerangal is the author of the novel Réparer les vivants (Mend the Living), longlisted for the Booker International Prize in 2016, winner of the Wellcome Book Prize in 2017.  Her latest work, Eastbound, translated by Jessica Moore, is to be published by "Les Fugitives" on 29th September 2022.

This conversation, marking the European Day of Languages 2022, will be held in French, followed by a Q&A session in French and  English.  Free.

Event in collaboration with the Maison Française d'Oxford and the Institut Français de Londres

Conversation with Maylis de Kerangal


L’Arabe du futur - tome 1 (2015), Riad Sattouf

A striking testimony of the Middle East of the 1970/80s, through Riad Sattouf's child's eyes. C’est l’histoire de Riad, enfant d’une mère bretonne et d’un père syrien, partagé entre ses origines occidentale et orientale. Ce premier tome retrace son arrivée en Lybie et présente le contexte géopolitique du Moyen-Orient entre 1978 et 1984.

> Nous vous enverrons un extrait PDF de la BD.
> Please note that we will provide an online extract of this book (PDF).

Niveau intermédiaire


BOOK CLUB 4: L'Arabe du futur


Le ventre de l’Atlantique (2003), Fatou Diome

A novel about the challenges of immigration for African families. Salie est une jeune femme sénégalaise vivant à Strasbourg. Son petit frère Madické rêve de la rejoindre pour réaliser son rêve de devenir footballeur. Comme beaucoup d’autres, il voit la France comme la terre des possibles. Salie s’interroge : comment ne pas distiller ses espoirs, sans pour autant lui promettre monts et merveilles ?

Niveau intermédiaire


BOOK CLUB 3: Le ventre de l'Atlantique


Au Bonheur des Dames (1883), Emile Zola

The French reminiscence of Thomas Hardy’s work on the threat of increasing industrialisation. Fraîchement arrivée à Paris, Denise Baudu est embauchée dans le célèbre magasin de prêt-à-porter « Au bonheur des dames ». Elle se retrouve confrontée à la réalité d’un monde capitaliste, entre recherche de profit et précarité de l’emploi. Est-elle prête à servir ce magasin qui cause la ruine de son oncle, petit commerçant concurrent ?

Niveau intermédiaire


BOOK CLUB 2: Au bonheur des dames


La naissance du jour (1928), Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette

A midlife reflection punctuated by descriptions of the luxuriant Provençal nature. Saint-Tropez, été 1927. Colette se retire dans un petit hameau coupé du monde pour réfléchir à sa vie. Nostalgique, mais ouverte à cette nouvelle phase de sa vie, elle se remémore son passé, ses amours, sa mère.

Niveau intermédiaire


BOOK CLUB 1: La naissance du jour


Have you ever dreamed of owning a property in France? Join us for this free informative online talk on what to consider when deciding to purchase a second home or even to settle in France.

Matthew Cameron (Ashtons Legal), Emilie Bensmihen (Buckles Law) and the Franco-British Network will share their expertise with you.

Owning a Property in France


In December 2010, Tunisian street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire outside a government office, the start of a revolutionary movement across the Middle East known as the Arab spring. Tunisian historian (CNRS) Leyla Dakhli will give a talk on how, 12 years on, things have changed – or not – for the people of the region.

In French. Followed by Q&A in English and French.

Printemps arabe conference: 12 ans plus tard


Full immersion week! A week packed with French-learning-fun to keep your 5-10yo busy and learning. Every day will include one adventure (preferably outdoors) as well as language skills development sessions, all completely in French! Sign-up without delay, as we have just few places and don't offer this camp very often!
Full programme available soon.

French Fun Summer Camp


Come and test your French level for free! Visit our welcoming classrooms in the historic St. Margaret’s Institute, meet our friendly teachers and find the way to learn French that best suits you! Event in collaboration with Oxfordy Preservation Trust. Our programme includes: The Idioms Game, Test your Grammar and activites for children! 

Open Doors 2022


Graham Harding, Winner of the prestigious Prix de l'Organisation Internationale du Vin 2022 for  "Champagne in Britain, 1800-1914, How the British Transformed a French Luxury") will be hosting our exclusive French wine tasting & quiz: hors des sentiers battus.  You will discover 6 little-known French wines in this informative and interactive tasting.  In French.  

Hors des sentiers battus: Wine Tasting


My colleague and I have been having private lessons via Alliance Francaise for 3 years to support the opening of an office in Paris. My colleague now feels comfortable speaking French in Paris and my neighbours in France have commented on how much my fluency and understanding has increased. Each lesson is specifically tailored, not just to our respective levels, but also to our particular interests and involve a variety of learning materials from traditional language books through to Instagram via Podcasts and YouTube. Based on our experience, I would highly recommend Alliance Francaise in Oxford.

Emily White, Citrine International Tax Ltd


The quality of the training provided by the Alliance Francaise d'Oxford is incredible. Our audience is distinct but they totally warmed up to the unique way of teaching of the Alliance Francaise d'Oxford. As Head of Department, I was also very impressed by the resources chosen and used by the their team in their classes and our aim is to reach that premium quality. I highly recommend their workshops and CPD and will not hesitate to continue our collaboration in teaching French in the MOD.

Defence Centre for Languages & Culture, Ministry of Defence


Professional, expert teachers, small/friendly classes, focus on learning all aspects of French.

(Conversation class, March 2022)


The Alliance Francaise d’Oxford keeps your brain active. Fun. Rewarding. Welcoming!

(A1, March 2022)


I honestly don't know how I'd manage French A Level without classes at the Alliance Francaise. […] It really helped me prepare for my university interview for French!

Hope (A-Level, January 2021)


Marvellous! My child is simply loving learning French in a fun, supportive and educational setting. We shall return next term. Thank you.

Bridget (Children class, November 2021)


This class has been the best yet that I have done at AF d’Oxford. The materials are interesting, the class is friendly and supportive, and the teacher is excellent. In particular it has allowed me to focus on pronunciation and speaking.

March 2022


Mon voyage heureux à Oxford (...) c’est la journée du cours de conversation (à l'Alliance Française). Mes co-étudiants sont enthousiastes, intéressants et nous travaillons bien ensembles. Notre professeure Zoé nous encourage à nous améliorer en prononciation, expression et compréhension. Son enthousiasme est infectieux.”

Graham (November 2021)


Marvellous! My child is simply loving learning French in a fun, supportive and educational setting. We shall return next term. Thank you.

Bridget (November 2021)


Classes are engaging & useful & fun!

A-level (March 2022)


I like the small classes without too many people and good teachers; it feels very comfortable!

A student from GCSE 1 class (March 2022)


It is very organized and you always have a chance to speak.

Student in our GCSE 2 class (Dec 2021)


I like how the classes are a safe space to fail and make mistakes. To participate in an atmosphere with no judgment is incredibly valuable for my own productivity.

Student in our pre-GCSE class (Dec 2021)


I honestly don't know how I'd manage French A Level without classes at the Alliance Francaise. […] It really helped me prepare for my university interview for French!

Hope (January 2021)


I would like to say how very grateful we are to your organisation. Without your wonderful teachers, Clare’s life would be taking a very different road. It is so wonderful that she has found an area of study she enjoys so much and which is so enriching.

Helen, mother to A-level student Clare (April 2021)


I would [recommend you to a friend], the method of teaching is rigorous and effective. I love the staff and location!

A-level student (July 2021)


My daughter got a 9 in GCSE French… I wonder whether, like Asterix and friends, AF have a magic potion?! Thank you so much for all your support!

Gail (August 2019)


The teacher was terrific at helping our son with revision for his French GCSE - and he got an A* so clearly all well worth it.

Nick (October 2016)


The school is professional and has brilliant teachers. The teachers are always so well prepared. Makes me want to learn more!

A student in our C2 (December 2020)


I have re-registered due to the professionalism ; rigour offered

Student in our B2 class (Dec 2021)


Small classes are great

Student in our B1 class (Dec 2021)


I've learned much more in this group than before when I tried to learn French by myself.

Student our A1 class (Dec 2021)


This Alliance Francaise is the most fantastic place to improve your French as an adult. Our teacher is amazing and we had loads of fun as well as learning actively each week. […] Recommend it highly!

Melita (B2, November 2018)


Discuss in French our book selection for Summer 2022! From intermediate level. Starts with “La place” by Annie Ernaux (Saturday 7th May 2022)

Summer Online French book clubs


Back by popular demand! Toddlers will learn basic vocabulary through songs and role-play games to boost their French learning.

French Toddler Sessions


Come and watch the adaptation by Xavier Giannoli of one of Balzac’s best novels (1837). Maison Francaise d’Oxford 2-10 Norham Road OX2 6SE

Illusions Perdues screening


Let’s visit (virtually) the famous Château de Versailles with our French guide Eléonore Nicolas. An informative and interactive visit, get ready to meet the Roi Soleil!

    Versailles tour


    “Meet and Speak” is an opportunity for you to practice your French with other Alliances students from all over the UK! From A2 level upwards.

      Meet and Speak


      Le Varsity Quiz: let the best Alliance win!

      Join our team and wrangle over questions about the Francophone world! Every year since 2019, The Alliances Françaises of Oxford and Cambridge have competed in this fun -yet quite competitive- quiz, to determine which team is the best.
      Each city's team will meet in their own Alliances to take part in the live online quiz. 

        Varsity Quiz 2023


        Excellent learning environment ; encouraging classes ; sense of progress.

        A student in our A2 class (March 2022)


        A little piece of France in Oxford.

        A student in our intermediate class (December 2016)


        I like the small classes without too many people and good teachers; it feels very comfortable!

        A student from GCSE 1 class (March 2022)


        Materials are interesting, class is friendly and supportive, and teachers are excellent.

        A student in our conversation class (March 2022)


        The cheese tasting workshop was much appreciated by our Y6 pupils. They enjoyed answering general questions in French, filling in questionnaires and of course tasting the cheeses. The oral interactivity was great and well supported by digital and paper resources. The whole workshop was pitched at the right level for the end of KS2, stretching the most able but allowing everyone to participate. It allowed for a good review of adjectives and comparative forms. A great cultural and linguistic experience!

        Catherine Phillips, New College School, Oxford (June 2021)


        I am writing to commend Julie as the BEST EVER French teacher that I have ever had. I feel that I have made real progress and this is really down to Julie. She is an excellent teacher – highly organised, very well structured, uses wonderful resources and is really able to explain everything only in French to me but in a way that I can understand and make progress with. Thank you so much and thank you Julie!

        Stuart (2021)


        I’m delighted by the quality of the private classes at the Alliance Française. They are tailored exactly to my needs, including enabling me to pass the DELF B2 exam at short notice. My teacher is dedicated and thoughtful, making sure that each lesson is focused on the areas that I need to work on, and planned with an overall goal in mind. I thoroughly recommend classes at the Alliance Française for those who want to learn quickly!

        Xiao Hui (2020)


        I took 10 hours of private tuition before moving to France for sabbatical. The tuition was helpful for getting me speaking, as I am nervous about it and don't have many opportunities to do it. My tutor made me feel comfortable but also pushed me to use more complex sentences and express more complex ideas for realistic, non-trivial situations and tailored lessons to my interests and needs. Merci beau coup!

        Jeannie (2019)


        Such a professional and organised teaching staff ! The teachers continually verified that the course was meeting my expectations, and they adjusted well to feedback. Indeed, they exceeded my expectations.

        Aubrey (2018)


        The lessons have been incredibly useful for helping me to prepare for my AS exam this year, particularly as my teacher makes sure that each lesson is catered to my specific needs, as well as that which is on the AS specification.

        Georgina (2016)


        My son (and I!) really enjoyed [the online lessons], he gained language skills, knowledge and confidence, whilst having fun. I really liked the diversity of the lessons .Thank you for making the sessions so engaging - both through the content and use of tech.

        Ruth (August 2020)


        Our daughter, who is 5, loves her French classes in Friday evenings and is making good progress. Thank you for such inspiring teaching.

        David (May 2019)

        We are the experts at teaching French

        We take teaching seriously, as the official centre for French language and culture. With 9 levels of adult French classes running every term, we have the right one for you!

        Every teacher is fully qualified and receives up-to-date training.  We only hire native speakers who hold Masters in Teaching French as a Foreign Language or Masters in Languages.

        We bring French culture to you

        More than just classes or private lessons, we organise regular cultural events and make a point of bringing culture into your classroom. 

        Literature, wine tastings, talks, film, patisserie workshops, specialist workshops, games, art exhibition and children activities too.

        Another opportunity to practice your French!

        Onsite and online learning

        We are located in Central North Oxford for ease of access from North Oxford, Jericho, Summertown, Central Oxford and Oxfordshire. Our comfortable classrooms, well equipped with the latest technology, will ensure that you have a pleasant experience.

        The team is ready to welcome you in a warm, comfortable and convivial environment. 

        Our values

        Educating, sharing and constantly improving are the common goals of the network of Alliances Françaises, considered to be the largest cultural NGO worldwide. As the official centre for French, we deliver the best of what French teaching today has to offer. We are a charity, which means our mission is not to make profits, but deliver and share French education & culture at the highest standards. 

        Our board of trustees guarantees good governance, fair prices and transparent management.

        View our Complaint, Child Protection and Data Protection Policies


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