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Group Toddlers

Fun is on the menu for the Toddlers, from 2 to 4 years old. They will learn vocabulary, sing songs and take part in role-play games in 45-minute sessions. Grown-ups enjoy themselves too! Children must be accompanied by an adult. Please note Toddler classes are not offered at the moment.  

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Primary School French

Children French | 5-7 yo

Children French 5-7 years old

You might wonder what’s on the menu this term? Our young students will learn all about food and restaurants. This term will be the opportunity for them to work on expressions of taste, and to go over the present tense of verbs such as manger and boire. Your child will even be able to order their favourite food at the restaurant at the end of this term!

Pace: 1 hour weekly

Children French | 8-11 yo

Children French 8-11 years old

This term, the “me, myself and I” expression will take on its full meaning! Our students will learn how to describe themselves and their close family, using descriptive words and quantity adverbs. They will express their personal likes and dislikes, and discuss hobbies.

Pace: 1 hour weekly

Noël pour les enfants Workshop

Camps and workshops
Children will enjoy "Noël à la Francaise" in this popular workshop. They will learn vocabulary, sing and work on seasonal crafts. The highlight is making your own truffles, and there's usually just enough for grown-ups too! For children aged 5 to 11 years old.  
Pace: Over one weekend
St Margaret’s Institute
Saturday 2 Dec 2023 - 9:30am ▸ 12:30pm
02 Dec 2023

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