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Group Toddlers

Fun is on the menu for the Toddlers, from 2 to 4 years old. They will learn vocabulary, sing songs and take part in role-play games in 45-minute sessions. Grown-ups enjoy themselves too! Children must be accompanied by an adult. Please note Toddler classes are not offered at the moment.  

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Primary School French

Children French | 5-7 yo

Children French 5-7 years old

Who doesn't love chatting about toys and hobbies? Join us this term and explore sports, music, and lots of activities. Young learners will discover how to express their interests, share their favourite pastimes, and even hone their singing talents with our song selection.

Pace: 1 hour weekly

Children French | 8-11 yo

Children French 8-11 years old

Craving that croissant but not sure how to ask for it at la boulangerie? Join us this term and unlock the secrets to smoothly inquire about prices and address professionals in shops around a francophone city. Our young students will also chat about their favourite city spots and how to ask for directions.

Pace: 1 hour weekly

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